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Writer since the 1970's

Jeanne Cordelier became known as a writer in 1976 with the publication of La Dérobade by Hachette littérature. This book about a woman's struggle to get out of prostitution became a literary and commercial success. It was translated into English by Harry Matthews and published as "The Life". In France, La Dérobade was republished in 2007. Since her debut Jeanne Cordelier has published 15 novels and a number of short-stories and plays. An additional title was made available in English in 2006 thanks to the excellent translation by Marie Ramsland of Hanoi Blues.

A fighter is back

Jeanne Cordelier 2007. Photo Eric GaraultAfter 25 years of exile, Jeanne Cordelier is now back on the literary scene in France. During her years abroad publishing was not always easy. The new edition of La Dérobade was published by Éditions Phébus. It has a preface by Benoîte Groult about that world where everything should stay in darkness for the benefits of those who are trafficking human beings. There is also a post-face by Jeanne Cordelier, Les Dessous de La Dérobade. There is a page with some of the media responses to the new edition on the French site of Jeanne Cordelier: le dossier médias de La Dérobade 2007.


Reconstruction was published in 2010. For the French media, this book is an autobiography. You will find the a selection of media reactions on the French site: Dessin de Pancho, © le Canard Enchaîné à propos de Reconstruction le dossier médias 2010. The drawing by Pancho illustrated the review of Reconstruction by André Rollin in Le Canard Enchaîné : "Hors des hordes". Her next book will be published in 2012.



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From february 2015 on, old "out of print" books are available at amazon and other book sellers. See links for each book here.

For those who read French, the early books by Jeanne Cordelier have been published as e-books. The links to these books are found at Jeanne Cordelier's publishing house: portative

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